Selfish vs. Passive

There are many things that irritate me… mosquitos, selfish people, being late, waking up early, selfish people, sore losers, tea party conservatives, ignorant statements, and… selfish people. 

I think that is probably number one on my irritation list. As I have grown, I have realized that really does bother me. I experience selfishness everyday. I realize though, it can be avoided. 

I have realized that selfish people, don’t realize that they are selfish. No one has informed them. I am one of those people who have come to let selfish people walk circles around me. Its not their fault. I am just too passive. 

By passive, I mean…its pathetic how passive I am.  I have whole hearted believed in the saying “what goes around comes around” YES… that is true… BUT….I can’t expect the same treatment from someone one who I have believed I have poured my heart out to them. 

This has been hard for me. I usually resort to a lot of hard swallowing and biting tongues. I have realized that maybe I just might need a backbone. As the vertebrae slowly start to develop, I have found myself getting so angry at the people who I love the most. Those are the ones who have hurt me the most. I have also found myself slowly starting to push those people away. 

As I prepare myself for the move to the city.. (claiming it), I have to learn that to be a functioning human being, and to maintain my sanity, I have to learn to speak up or get walked on. Its wonderful to be a servant, but not to be a slave. 


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