Education 2.0

As October 15th draws close.. I find myself anticipating the arrival of the students I work with but also dreading it at the same time. Dreading, not because of them.. But because I have to witness their environment that they are surrounded by everyday. It’s heartbreaking. School should be safe and students should feel that way. BMS has teachers that cuss at the students and make them feel inadequate as if they already aren’t experiencing that feeling. It is hard to break down barriers that the students have built up to show them that there is a brighter future for them, when there future sometimes is the next five minutes. I want to see all of my students succeed and do well and climb out of the dark tunnel that society has placed on them.
African Americans in low income environments in Jackson are expected not to do well. That isn’t fair.
I know this isn’t news to anyone that lives in this state.. But how can we change things? Who will be the turn around? Who is going to help these students succeed?


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