The Skin I’m In

“You act white.” Yes.. I get that a lot. But what does that mean?

I was raised in a family where education was highly important. I went to a private school, that helped me expand my thinking and world view. Acting white?

I was raised watching my mom juggle jobs to support me and my brother through school. I have learned that nothing that comes from life is handed to you.. You have to work hard.. Acting white?

I was taught to speak clearly. To look someone in the eyes when they are speaking to you or when you are speaking to them. I was taught to respect others and treat them as they want to be treated. Acting white?

I get infuriated when I hear this comment or others such as. It disappoints me that people think that behaviors such as these are a “white” behavior and blacks aren’t expected to act this way, and when they do.. It’s shocking.

I have heard this statement from both ends of the color wheel.. And find myself always wondering… Where is the handbook on white and black behaviors and activities?

I act like a person. My color should not set the tone for how I am expected to act. People need to wake up, or maybe the next time I hear this statement, that person will have a copy of the handbook.


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