Witch Riding

Eyes shut. Head wide open. Counting sheep that’s a dime a dozen. Waking up in a cold sweat feeling the pressure. Hoping to wake up; where Is the treasure.

Slaying the dragons and conquering demons.
Time to wake up.. It’s time to stop dreaming.
Eyes open wide, gasping for air, nothing can shake me from this stair.
Devils hand come and grab me.. Trying to pull me down below..
Where he wants to take me.. I will not go.
Diagnosis say I’m crazy.. Say I’m demon possessed. All I want is the pressure off my chest.
Staggered Breathing.. Just want sweet relief
Fighting through this.. Feeling it through my teeth.
Praying in and out that I can wake up soon.. In my bed and not trapped in doom.
And just as soon as the devil came from inside.. It lets me go.. Until another night.. He hides.


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