Battle at “Holliday”

Life comes with situations where you have to decide, to either sit back or step in. Overcoming my fear of speaking up, has become a war with many battles, in which I have to decide, am I going to lose this battle, which pushes me further from the win of the war.

School is supposed to be a place where students are made to feel safe. A building dedicated to higher learning and success. A place where students can expand their horizons and be who they want to be. However, it seems that now has become an alternate universe.

Today, students seem to have to put on armor to enter their building. Parents seem oblivious to the shield their child has to wear. They are left to wonder, why their children grades are low, why their children don’t talk to them, and why do they have a seemingly large wall up.

Parents think that their children are safe and are fooled by the facade of school and protection of their children by adults and teachers, but not realizing that these same adults and teachers are sometimes the cause of their children leaving school with their armor locked and loaded.

Who are children supposed to look up to now? School is meant to be a place where students can map out their future and learn to be anything they want to be…

Who is going to be a voice?

Who will stop the cycle?


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