Double Standards

The typical black hair salon in the south consist of these components
– Cash only
– All day wait
– hustlers selling anything you want
– racist, backwards conversation

Today.. A Touch of Perfection delivered all the above to me. As I sat and listened to the discussion… Django was a popular topic that had these people foaming at the mouth of excitement of ” dat nigga killin dem crackas.” (Insert rapid eye blinks) I chuckled at the words coming out of these people’s mouths and then I began to start getting mad. I thought about the ignorance that they were passing down to their children. If you would of listened to them today.. You would of thought.. They themselves were slaves…

So I decided to speak up.. I began asking them what they knew about the background of the movie. For comments of how they hated Leonardo DiCaprio for saying “nigger to good” I explained how he didn’t want that role because he hated that type of language.
To the comments of ” dat nigga Jamie was trained to ride dat horse” I explained to them the fact that Jamie Foxx is a trained horse back rider.. He showed up to his audition with a horse… HIS horse.
As I explained to them.. Eyes rolls.. Emphatic lip pops and body weight shifts began.. ” why you talk white and are you from here?” (Here we go again)

Towards the end of my 4 hour siege of the hair salon I began to pick their brain. What do you think of Barack? They all loved him. But it was obvious for his skin color solely.

This made me so angry… The double standard. So many of us see surface and aren’t willing to look deep within ourselves.. We discuss they way we think “the white man” discriminated against us but we can’t untwist our sour lip at them. We come expecting racism and can’t see the racism within ourselves. We want to hang pictures of MLK jr in our churches and preach about his teaches and his ways but have an eye for an eye behavior.

Wake up.. I feel like this gets said a lot.. Yes.. Discrimination, racism, prejudice.. It’s out there, it’s apparent.. But I hear it all to much.. “They did this” “white people this..” “Crackas that..” SHUT UP… How can you expect a change if you have a chip so big on our shoulder…
Cut the double standard.


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