Subways, Socks, Future

Today I woke up coughing up my brain. I am so sick right now..I have a SUPERCOLD. It’s Saturday.. I wanted nothing more than to sleep but since I couldn’t, Netflix became my outlet until my percogesic knocked me out again. I came across this movie called Tiny Furniture. Written by the director and Star of Girls Lena Dunham. I would have to say.. It was quite funny..

The movie is about graduating college.. You have a great degree… You graduate wanting to take over the world and do big things and then you realize the economy is just not feeling the same way you are and you’re stuck working as a day hostess at some ritzy restaurant that isn’t even open in the daytime..

Yeah… So that scared the crap out of me. I watched it thinking.. Yeah I want to change the world.. But I know that’s impossible.

I changed my thoughts to.. I can’t change THE world, but I can change MY world.

Deciding to become a social work major was a hard decision. Something I came upon while in a subway station in New York City in 2011 ( I was a psychology major at first.. I thought that if I just had a “Dr.” in front of my name, I was going to be more competent and be considered more important..) There was a scruffy, black man in army fatigue pants, a gray sweatshirt and socks. He was sparring. He was literally doing karate moves like no one was watching! As others walked by him not paying him any attention or if they did, gawked and laughed.. I thought.. I want to talk to him and figure out how he got to this point..

Maybe he was perfectly fine! Doing karate on a subway in socks on a random afternoon was normal for him.. But you know what.. Maybe not.

I don’t know what this economy is doing.. I don’t know where I will be in 6 months.. It’s scary to think about. However.. I do know.. There are so many people like that man on the subway.. Who I want to talk to.. Empower.. Help.. Etc.

Changing my world is an attainable goal. I hope that I look back on this day and say I did the right thing.. I worried for no reason.



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