A Tribute to Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church… We get it, you all have a direct line to God and you know all the requirements, rules, and regulations that it takes to get into Heaven.

You have showed America time and again that we are doomed and are so bold to come to funerals to alert us.

You have showed us that, we are separate from God and Heaven is for VIPs only and we will for sure be standing on the outside knocking on Heavens door.

I wonder as you foam at the mouth and write on your poster board “GOD HATES FAGS” to present at a funeral of a fallen soldier, what goes through your head? Do you ask God for guidance?

Or when you make public professions of people’s suffering is deserved because of their sinful actions and this is God’s punishment.

I want to thank you for being a reminder of my damnation and that your life is so perfect that God is looking down and applauding you.

The people that set up walls of protection around funerals to cover up your “godly” acts are only in the way and I promise you, God sees you.

The fact that even hate groups such as the Klan don’t even claim you as one of their own.. But God claims you.

When people make signs in retaliation to your protests.. I promise you, God is seeing both.. But likes yours better.

Because God Hates, destroys, and Kills the ones he made with own hands to show that we deserved to die because we did wrong.
(Forget that whole dying on the cross thing to save sinners… Am I right?!)

Westboro, you continue to amaze me.. Amaze me that you get down on your knees and pray to this God and he tells you the way to go, helps you find the next reason to protest, keeps supplying to with materials to brew hatred.. It’s incredible.

It’s also incredible that I, and so many other people in America serve a different God. A God of love, peace, and understanding. A God who encouraged everyone to come unto him weak, heavy laden, sinners, “fags”, crack heads, gypsies, prostitutes, crooked, etc.

That God just sounds better to me. And, I’m sorry.. I just cant commit to yours. But, I just want to thank you for expressing your concerns for damnation and knowing so much about what God wants and requires. Your church is just so perfect as sinless, I am confused as to why you all aren’t in Heaven already.

WestBoro Baptist Church, get real. I’m sick of this.



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