The Hike

Life is a constant self reflection. Everyone is always changing and readjusting to make themselves fit in the world’s puzzle.

I feel that we never know who we truly are, because we are always finding ourselves. However, it is important to be sure of yourself and confident.

Confidence is a constant struggle for me. I strive for perfection and can be really hard on myself if I believe my idea of perfection isn’t achieved. This can be very detrimental, because to be honest.. I feel that nothing will ever be perfect.. So I am on a constant hamster wheel.

This is my flaw. I can find the good in others, but can never find the good in myself. I am constantly trying to please others or make others happy but always come up short because I set unrealistic goals or run myself out.

To be classified as a great person, it is important to be realistic and honest. It is important not to be afraid to make mistakes, make someone else angry, or not be afraid to take criticism from others.

As I am growing into this person I can myself, I am learning about this constant battle of finding self worth. As and individual who for the rest of my life will be devoting my life to other people, be realistic and honest is important.

Superman doesn’t exist. Damn, it sucks, but the world can’t be saved, it’s too big and too stubborn. However, I must learn that it’s not my responsibility to save the world. But as I have said in other posts, I can change and save MY world. And for that to happen.. I have to start by changing me.

So here’s to the journey; the journey of constantly searching, finding, and readjusting. I know I am not alone.. Everyone is on the same hike. I just hope we all make it in one piece.



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