Trim the Fat

” People will either inspire you or drain you.”

This is so true. It is so important that we do not let people drain the life out of us for their own selfish gain. Putting 100% into a relationship is not fair when the other person is give 25%.

I think it’s time we “trim the fat.” Fat in general.. Holds you back. Don’t let people in your life who expect 100% from you all the time drain you from your happiness. For any type of relationship to work or be successful, there has to be an equal balance.

I think that we can get really caught up in our day to day lives and forget about others, we naturally are selfish. But how many of us have been in situations where a friend of ours goes on and on and on complaining about their first world pains and we are just like… Ahhhhh SHUT UP.

Those people that seem to only want to fish for compliments or those people that always want favors, but when you ask for one measly thing they act like you have asked for a kidney.

I am not one for holding people to debts at all. However, I do feel that it is exhausting especially when you feel that you are being used. I feel that the only person who enjoyed that was Bill Withers.



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