Mind Control

I am a victim of mind control. Who isn’t? We have all been brainwashed by some sort of variable in society, and its not necessarily negative. However sometimes it is negative, and its something that is hard to shake. I have recently graduated from college, and I have beat a lot of odds in doing that. I have also beat so many other odds by graduating being an african-american female and not pregnant or with child.. (can I get a hand clap??) This has all been done through mind control. I have lived these days in the back of my head thinking… I have to do well, because I have a family I don’t want to disappoint and a life and a future I want to build for myself. However, as I have graduated from college… I was asked the question if I could do it all over again.. would I? I froze.. I thought back on my times at college and realized that although some of the best days of my life, they were often some of the loneliest and dreadful days as well. However, I also learned in college that I have the flaw of being easily influenced and guided…or misguided by others. Reflecting on college days, I wonder what would happen if some of the decisions I made or actions that I performed were for me or due to the influence of others, either negative or positive. I realize that I can sit and dwell on these moments or I can realize what I want for myself and move on from there. I have found it very hard to realize what I want for me but I am thankful for the positive influences to help me get where I am today. 

i guess what I am really trying to say is, don’t let your mind be controlled by the wants and desires that others have for you. Do what makes you happy and find your passion and work hard to achieve your goals. As my friend Samantha always says “Live YOUR best life..” 



One thought on “Mind Control

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