Innocence Lost: The Double Standards of the Black Community

The recent verdict of the Trayvon Martin case has clearly sparked a lot of attention and divided the views of many.

We may never know what truly happened on that fatal night, but one thing we do know is another child lost their life due to gun fire.

While following this case, I was very angry that this quickly turned into an issue about race and not right and wrong. The media did an exceptional job to refer to Zimmerman as a WHITE Hispanic.. Making the issue of him shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, a black male an obvious hot button race issue.

As I read different articles and listened to different media outlets, I also became angry at the black community. I have noticed that black media tends to be bias and presents itself as a double standard. If George Zimmerman was African American, this would have never made news. If Trayvon would have been the killer, this would have never made news. Prominent members of the African American Community have made me upset, because it seems that when issues of race occur where African Americans are victims, that’s when they want to speak out the most. While many black children are killed everyday by their own race. While many black children are sent to jail. While many black children are raised fatherless. While many black children are taught this stupid double standard.

I was very disappointed when the verdict was announced the case of many African American “leaders” response. Such as telling us to riot or to kill Zimmerman. So much energy and hate geared towards one person when the energy could be used to fuel the real cause of gun violence and innocence.

What’s done is done. We can’t turn back time, we can’t change how things turned out. It’s sad that a child lost his life, a mother and father lost their son. We can change our responses to the fact that this is happening all the time.

It’s sad that this happens everyday and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. We are so quick to jump on race issues, when it should be people issues. We are so quick to call it a “hate crime” when the victim is black and the person who commits the crime is white, but when its the other way around.. “hate crime” seems to never be brought up.

So many innocent children have lost their lives of different nationalities to gun violence.

I just wish and hope that this world wakes up a realizes this. We can’t fight hate with hate. It seems that we are so quick to point fingers and can’t seem to look at our own selves in the mirror.

It seems as though African Americans want equality, but seem to build double standards that separate us. We are so quick to want racial reconciliation but for their to be reconciliation, BOTH races must reconcile.

I want their to be an awakening. All of the innocent need to have a voice. No matter the color.

We must work together. When we are so quick to divide ourselves, we can’t have peace. We can’t have kindness. It only pushes our progression as a nation back further.

#thoughtsareout #livingforthecity


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