Break Free.

Girls who lack fathers are always searching for that male replacement. A figure to hold on to that shows them what its like to feel protected and loved. Often times, girls seek so hard to find that missing love that they end up pregnant at 15, lost, alone, and mad at the world for dealing them a deadbeat dad and no love for self.

The love of a father is so important because it molds women into who they are to become. I  was blessed enough to have figures to step in my life to show me that I was good enough, but I didn’t think I was good enough.

This is not a pity party about me though. I have overcame those inner battles with self and look to my Heavenly Father to step in where my earthly father has stepped out.

Nevertheless, girls without fathers have to be careful. There are men out there who take advantage of that information and attempt to use that as leverage to keep you feeling like you are less than.

For the past few years, I was in an abusive relationship. I worked so hard to please and I forgot who I was. The sad part about it was, I did not realize that I was in the abusive relationship until it was too late. I would break my neck trying to please and make them happy, however, I was continually going to be a puppet on their string.

This world is not a friendly place. My naivety made it easier for me to be a surface of abuse. I kept things bottled inside for so long. I felt trapped, because I was made to feel that if I left, I wouldn’t be anyone–or have the potential to be anyone else. The average woman attempts to leave 7 times before finally cutting ties with the relationship. My 7th attempt, I broke free.

When you allow someone to tell you that you are nothing for so long, you start to believe it. I would dread waking up in the morning, but loved sleeping because it was an escape. My mental escape. However, I lost who I was.

Sometimes I felt as though I became a robot and only spit out what was wanted or expected to be heard.

Once I broke free, the albatross was immediately released from my shoulders. I never felt so free. I never pictured myself leaving, because I was made to feel like I was not smart enough to leave.

Abusive relationships show themselves in many forms: best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, coworkers, bosses, husbands, wives…

Look at your life. Examine it. Who are you living for? God should be first. Keep looking at your life… Pay attention to who surrounds you and who is in your ear. Is it positive? Is it negative? Are you being silenced or made to feel less than? Do you find yourself afraid to speak up? Do you think that you’ll be criticized or hurt physically, mentally, or emotionally?

Break free.

It will be hard. It is easier said than done. Sometimes you won’t have a plan, hell, I didnt have a pl… BUT, I found that upon breaking free, I found my inner strength. I started listening to God and not others.

You allow yourself to be treated by what YOU think you deserve, and I had was in a relationship that made me think I didn’t deserve much; but when I broke free… I realized that I am a child of the King.

Grow in your faith. Grow in yourself. Give it to God, and Break Free.




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